Vaccination, Masking, and Expectations


Bernalillo Public Schools encourages students and staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Those wanting to know more about the COVID-19 vaccine should visit the New Mexico Department of Health website.


Bernalillo Public Schools no longer requires masks to be worn indoors, but encourages their use when community level is high (see CDC COVID-19 County Check).


One way to enrich our school environment is to support one another and be mindful of others' needs. To accomplish this members of our school communities engage in mutual protection of one another through safe practices that include:

  • Hygiene – frequent, regular hand-washing; frequent cleaning of spaces.

  • Distancing – minimizing, but not eliminating, physical proximity.

  • Screening – staying home while sick; actively screening every day if it’s ok to come to school.

  • Masks – while masks are no longer required, please be mindful that there are students and staff who may not be comfortable without one. Bernalillo Public Schools supports mask wearing, and so-called “mask-shaming” of fellow students will not be tolerated.