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About Algodones Elementary

Welcome to Algodones Elementary

For over 50 years, Algodones Elementary School has been a vital part of our community, welcoming students, Pre-K through 3rd Grade, and staff from diverse backgrounds. Our devoted teachers create a safe, caring environment where every child becomes a lifelong learner. Join our school family and take pride in helping students reach their full potential. 

At Algodones Elementary, we celebrate each student's uniqueness and tailor their educational journey to their needs. We offer various resources to support different learning styles, including innovative teaching methods and exciting extracurricular activities like Running Medicine, sports with the Boys and Girls Club, and after-school tutoring services. Our goal is to empower all students. 

In 2023, Algodones Elementary School had 193 students. About 3.6% are Hispanic, and the majority, 95.3%, are Native, with many students from San Felipe and Santo Domingo Pueblos. The school is committed to supporting its diverse student body, and one way we do this is by offering Keres language classes to students from San Felipe Pueblo. This initiative aims to celebrate and preserve the cultural heritage of our Native students, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the school community.

More than just a place of learning, Algodones Elementary is a close community where relationships thrive. Our students, parents, teachers, and staff form a supportive network that enhances the overall educational experience. We value collaboration, open communication, and collective efforts to create a positive and enriching atmosphere. 

Explore our website to discover the spirit of Algodones Elementary School. Join us in our journey of education, inclusion, and community building.

"No student should have to leave their culture or language at the schoolhouse door to get a great education."

  Matt Montano  



1399 Highway 313
Algodones, NM 87001 (physical)

560 S. Camino del Pueblo
Bernalillo, NM 87004 (mailing)

(505) 867-2803 ~ Main

(505) 867-7853 ~ Fax