SAT/ ASVAB Information

There are two forms regarding the SAT. 

~One is to sign up for the SAT prep class being offered next Wednesday (the 24th). The SAT prep class is to prepare for the SAT test in April. The SAT is now the graduation exam (replacing the PARCC). The prep class is offered virtually and you must sign up at    FYI: The SAT prep class that was scheduled for tomorrow (the 17th) has been cancelled.

~The other is to either opt in or opt out of taking the SAT in April. The SAT will be given in person in April (dates TBA) at BHS. If you have not opted in or out do so right now at!


Second, if you are  interested in taking the ASVAB in the spring please complete this form asap. If we do not have enough interest we will not be hosting another ASVAB test this year.