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Mr. and Ms. Native American BHS Pageant

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Pagent Winners

The 2019-2020 Native royalty were crowned at the 6th Annual Mr. and Ms. Native American BHS pageant on Saturday. The results are as follows:


For Ms. Native BHS:

  • Alexandria Tenorio, Kewa Pueblo – 2019-2020 Miss Native American BHS
  • Siyowin Ware, Crow Agency – 1st Runner Up
  • Arlinda Cate, Kewa Pueblo  – 2nd Runner Up



For Mr. Native BHS:

  • James Yazza, San Felipe – 2019-2020 Mr. Native American BHS
  • Blaine Tenorio, Kewa Pueblo  – 1st Runner Up



Hahn Youth Council would like to thank all participants, families, community members, BHS staff, and people who made this year’s pageant a possibility.