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    Jennifer Jaramillo jejaramillo@bernalillops.org

    Roberta Jones rjones@bps.k12.nm.us

    Beth Glary bglary@bps.k12.nm.us


    To check you students progress:



    Example: Richard Spartan, 1st 3 of first name, 1st 5 of last name


    Username: ricspart

    Password:(DOB) MMDDYYYY



    Educators can give students the ability to earn credits for failed or incomplete courses without having to repeat the entire course, enabling students to complete the work at their own pace and focus on just the concepts they have not yet mastered.


    When Odysseyware curriculum is used in Credit Recovery (CRx) Mode, students are assigned a pre-test at the beginning of each unit to determine if they are already competent in concepts addressed in the unit. If they demonstrate competency, the learning activities can be skipped, enabling students to focus on only the concepts they have not yet mastered. With Flex CRx Mode, teachers can further personalize each student’s learning path.


    Lessons and Quizzes can be completed away from school, tests must be completed at school. 70% is the threshold for advancing to the next assignment, Lessons get 3 chances, Quizzes 2 chances, Tests is one chance, then the student must ask the instructor to unlock it for another chance. Request slips are available on the instructors desk.


    Academic dishonesty will result in having to start the class over.

    Rules for Credit Recovery

    Phones and other devices are not allowed in the lab. Your phone and other device(s) will be taken away and not returned until after school on Wednesday. 

    No food or drink in the computer lab. Water is allowed in a sealable container.

    Seats are assigned. Depending on the student enrollment throughout the semester, you might be assigned to a different seat. Be flexible when reassigned to a new seat.

    Your binder and pencils/pens are required everyday; you're expected to take Cornell notes during class time as you work through your course. A minimum of 10 page of Cornell notes courses required. No notes, no credit.

    Using the internet for purposes other than Credit recovery course will result in being dropped from your course.

    Taking the Unit Post Test sequentially after you finish each unit. This is how you gain traction in the course and work towards completion. You must get at least 70% on all the unit post test and the final exam to pass the course. You may re-take post test if you fail.

    The labs are quiet zone. Talking, socializing, ect. is not permitted and is reason for dismissal.

    One person at a time to use the bathroom. Please ask for a pass. Return the pass to the teacher.

    Attendance is mandatory. 3 missed classes will result in being withdrawn from the program. Student and Parent will need to make an appointment to see their counselor to be added to the waitlist.

    Using the internet or mobile device to cheat will result in your account being placed on hold. Pre-Test/Tests must be taken at the 5 assigned computers, and will only count if they are taken at assigned computers, during class hours!

    Parents: You are aware that your student is liking credits towards graduation, and that if your student does not complete and pass (70%) the necessary credit recovery course(s), he or she will not graduate and participate in graduation activities. Text messages will be sent if your student is failing to make progress

    Students recovering your credit will be granted one try. If the student is disenrolled for attendance, lack of progress, or disciplinary reasons, student will be placed on hold and be charged a $50 fee to retake the course. This fee is applied to each individual course the student needs to retake.