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    Q: Absences only really matter if they are unexcused, right?

    A: No, all absences count. A child who misses school for any reason may fall behind.


    Q: Is it okay to keep my child home for special occasions, like visiting relatives?

    A: No, every time a child misses school, they miss valuable instruction, so absences should be reserved for absolute necessities, such as illness.


    Q: My child is excused if I call in, right?

    A: Only if the excuse is valid. Family vacations, relatives in town, and parent day off are not considered excused reasons for absence.


    Q: What are considered excused absences?

    A: Excused absences include: STUDENT illness, limited family emergency, religious or cultural holiday ( the day of only) and funerals.


    Q: Do I need to call every time my child will be out?

    A: Yes, for every absence you will need to call the school. If you know your child will be out for several days (hospital stay, dentist appointment and or doctor requirement) you can let the school know the range of time in one call.