“Guided by our Core Values, the Bernalillo Public Schools Indian Education Department is committed to provide innovative and creative programs so that our students will enjoy their learning experience and feel supported in their identity.”


    Identity: Be proud of who you are as a community member; culture and traditions; walking the talk; and building confidence

    Purpose: To provide services and support to our students

    Knowledge: Culturally relevant curriculum; solid education and building life skills is important for all young people

    Accountability: IED accountable to students while here; we are like their parents while here - We need to be transparent

    Community: To honor and celebrate accomplishments and listen to their needs

    Commitment: Developing programs, services which support our core values

    Perseverance: Try and make BPS a better place for Native students; being a conduit between tribal communities and BPS; continuous improvement

    Innovation: Be creative in programming - how to bring calculated relevant curriculum into academics

    Collaboration: We actively seek and want to collaborate with others


    1. Improve Communication with Parents, Students, and Tribal Communities
    2. Develop and Implement a BPS Indian Education Dept. Policy/Procedural Manual
    3. Develop an official BPS Indian Education Dept. Calendar for 2019-2020
    4. Complete and Implement a Culturally Relevant, Community-Based Curriculum
    5. Increase the Graduation Rate of BPS Native American Students  
    6. Create a space for IED to serve its students: a Native American Resource Center
    7. Implement this Strategic Plan with a Clear, Focused, and Complete Understanding

Contact Information

  • Jeanette Garcia

    (Indian Education Coordinator)


    Curtis Chavez

    (Impact Aid Coordinator/Tribal Liaison)


    Derrick White

    (Student Success Project Director)