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    Level 3 Teachers starting pay: $66,100! (We accept all years of verified licensed teaching experience)

    Level 2 Teachers starting pay: $51,900

    Level 1 Teachers starting pay: $42,600

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    Benefits (Click here for Payroll/Benefits):

    Bernalillo Schools offers $50,000 in base life insurance.

    Bernalillo Schools offers up to a 3x multiplier on additional life insurance (based on annual salary).

    Bernalillo Schools now has an Employee Assistance Program, The Solutions Group EAP to support you and your family by offering free, confidential counseling services. Our licensed, professional counselors are available to help you address personal problems that might adversely affect your job performance, health and well-being.

    What types of issues can you get help with?

    • Alcohol and Drug Addiction
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Dependent Care/Elder Care
    • Depression and Anxiety
    • Gambling Addiction
    • Grief and Loss
    • Marital and other relationship issues
    • Parenting and family challenges
    • Stress
    • Workplace Issues

    To learn more: https://www.solutionsbiz.com/EAP/For_Employees/Pages/default.aspx

    Come join our high-performing educational team!

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2021-2022 Salary Schedules

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  • Welcome to Human Resources!



    Eric W. James

    Director of Human Resources

    Phone:  (505) 404-5717




    Terri Ricker, HR Specialist

    Certified Staff

    Phone:  (505) 404-5691



    Celia Nielsen, HR Specialist

    Classified Staff & Administrators

    Phone: (505) 404-5692


    Lisa Lopez, HR Specialist/Records Custodian

    SafeSchools and Records

    Phone: (505) 404-5723


    Fax: (505) 867-7850



    Mission Statement

    " The mission of the human resources department is to support the goals within Bernalillo Public Schools Strategic Plan.  This will be accomplished by providing optimal customer service that values each and every individual, through professionalism, friendliness, reassurance and accountability."