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    BHS Clubs and Organizations

    Lunch Meetings & After School

    SY 2017-2018






    FFA 1st & 3rd Mon/Ms. Jaramillo/Rm. 401

    Outdoor Club/weekly/Ms. Bejos/Rm. 221

    Movie Club/weekly/ Haygood& Duncan/Therapy Room

    MESA (AFTER SCHOOl) Rm. 228, Ms. Rossiter&Ms. Encinias

    Senior Class

    1st Tuesday/Ms. Reil/gym mezzanine 

    After School Meeting/ArtClub

    Ms. Prusak/

    2:30-4:30/Rm. 307

    Sophomore Class/1st Thur./Karin Ludi-Herrera & Marisol Aragon/Library Office

    After School Meeting/Art Club/



    Rm. 307


    NHS 2nd & 4th/

    Ms. Acantilado/Rm. 177

    Skills USA -2nd & 4th Tuesday/Ms. Lovato/ Rm. 331 CTE Bldg.

    Freshmen Class

    3rd&4th week/Acantildo, Riel/Alefante/gym mezzanine

    Gear-up Ambassadors/Ms. Aragon

    Student Council

    (during Spartans) Ms. Gonzales/Rm. 154

    Hahn Youth Council

    (every other Wed. during Spartans) Lorilei Chavez

    Thespians weekly

    Rm. 320/ Ms. Prusak& Mr.Gilliard

    Spanish NHS

    2nd & 4th Wed/

    Ms. Burns/Rm 170

    After School Meeting/Bowling ClubThursdays at Santa Ana Lanes.

    BPA 3rd period

    Friday/Ms. Zamora/Rm. 238


     Juniors Class 2017/2nd&3rd week/Jaramillo & Prusak/gym mezzanine


     Gamers Club/

    Ms. Burns/Rm 170


     Skills USA/Ms. Lovato/Rm./ 2nd & 4th/ Rm. 331

    Spanish NHS

    2nd & 4th Wed./Ms. Burns/Rm 170


    BHS Publications/AFTER SCHOOL/ Ms. Quintana/Rm 213

    *Friday are open for emergency meetings and for clubs/organizations that are seasonal and do not meet year round.

    **Sponsors can issue club members a club lunch pass that will allow them to move to the front of the line on each meeting day.