• Bernalillo High School Profile


    School Profile:  Bernalillo High School- Bernalillo, New Mexico 2013-2014

                Bernalillo High School is the sole high school located within the small, rural community of the Town of Bernalillo, New Mexico.  As of January 2013, the total school population is currently 799 students in grades 9-12; and receives annually recurring school-wide free/reduced-lunch status.  Bernalillo High School takes pride in its uniquely diverse student population consisting of the following demographics:

    • Native American = 344 (43.05%), representing 12+ different tribes/communities
    • Hispanic = 392 (49.06%)
    • White/Caucasian/Anglo = 58 (7.25%)
    • Black/African American = 2 (0.25%)
    • Asian = 3 (0.37%)

    Bernalillo High School currently offers eleven (11) Honors courses, six (6) Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and eight (8) Pre-AP courses.  Approximately 30% of graduating seniors typically go on to four-year colleges/universities, with approximately 42% going on to two-year institutions.

                The Town of Bernalillo’s population based on the last census count (2010) is estimated at approximately 8,320 residents.  Located between two pueblos, Sandia Pueblo on the south and Santa Ana Pueblo on the north, Bernalillo has little existing opportunity for expansion beyond the current municipal boundary.  These facts put a premium on planning that is conscious of the unique heritage and culture of the town.  All community growth is predicted upon an awareness of and appreciation for the present inhabitants and the rich historical fabric each is responsible to maintain.

                The religious influence of the Spanish settlers alongside the Native American religious practices has produced a unique cultural and emotional recipe for harmonious living in this valley.  Several early pueblo sites and Spanish Colonial sites are found here.  Seven pueblos are in the neighboring area of the town and each pueblo has a different and exciting history.  At different times of the year each pueblo has a feast day that honors the traditions of the Native American and Spanish religious influences.


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    Mr. Larry Davis, Principal-Bernalillo High School