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     2020-2021 School Profile

    The Bernalillo Community: The Town of Bernalillo was founded in 1695 among the Native American Pueblo Nations of Sandia and Santa Ana. It is located along the Rio Grande River, just east of the Mountain of the Twin Warriors (Sandia Mountains) and 25 miles north of Albuquerque. The Bernalillo Public School district finds itself uniquely positioned near seven Pueblo communities. These Pueblos are Santa Ana, San Felipe, Kewa (formally known as Santo Domingo), Cochiti, Jemez, Zia, and Sandia. Bernalillo was seen as the commercial trade center among local pueblos and Mexican settlers. The settled community began as a string of houses along the Rio Grande and has since turned into a retail trade and service center between the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The population of the Town of Bernalillo is just under 10,000. The population among all 7 Pueblo Nations is also 10,000.

    Bernalillo High School was founded in 1952 and is a rural, public high school serving 839 students in grades 9-12. BHS receives annually recurring free/reduced lunch status, 46% of students ride the bus as far as 30 miles away with the farthest stop at Cochiti Pueblo. BHS takes pride in its uniquely diverse student population consisting of:

    • Native American = 43% (representing 12+ different Tribal Nations)

    • Hispanic = 49%

    • White/Caucasian/Anglo <1%

    • Black/African American <1%

    • Asian <1%.

    Curriculum & Programs of Study: BHS has a staff of 93, including 38 teachers; the BHS curriculum is diverse allowing students to develop an individualized four-year plan.

    • Honors/AP: (7) Honors courses; six (6) Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Chemistry, US History, Literature, Language, Calculus AB; and five (5) Pre-AP courses. This year 111 students are enrolled in these courses.

    • Dual Enrollment: Approximately 30 courses are offered in partnership with the University of New Mexico West, Central New Mexico, Institute of American Indian Art, and Eastern New Mexico University. This year 108 students are enrolled in these courses.

    • Career Tech: Students can choose from 60+ CT classes and can earn one of 27 certificates in: journalism and communications; business/entrepreneurship and media arts; culinary arts; agriculture; theater arts; woodworking/drafting; automotive technologies; and welding.

    • Students also participate in ESL, AVID, JAG, FFA, BPA, Gifted/Talented, and Special Education.

    Language Programs: Because of our unique Indigenous and Spanish history, BHS proudly offers several language courses of study.

    • Indigenous Languages: Keres for Cochiti, Keres for Santo Domingo, Keres for Santa Ana

    • Foreign Language: French & Spanish

    • NM Seal of Bilingualism-Biliteracy: Seniors must complete a series of four courses in a language, pass with proficiency in writing and speaking and complete a portfolio to earn a Bilingual seal from the State of NM.

    College Attainment: The four-year high school graduation rate is 57% and approximately 15% of graduating seniors go on to four-year colleges/universities, with another 20% going on to two-year institutions. According to Lumina Foundation’s A Stronger Nation data, state-wide, New Mexico’s higher education attainment rate is 45% (for those ages 25-64): 10% earned a certificate, 9.2% earned an AA, 15.3% earned a BA, and 10.6% earned a grad/professional degree. Graduation Requirements: Students must: 1) earn 25 credits; 2) must have at least one Honor, Advanced Placement, Distance Learning or Dual Credit class; and 3) pass state required standardized exams to graduate.

    English…………………………………….…….4 credits

    Social Sciences……………………..……….3.5 credits

    Mathematics………………………..……….4 credits

    Science………………………………………….3 credits

    Physical Education/Health…………….1.5 credits

    Career Tech/Foreign Language……..1 credit

    Electives………………………………………..8 credits 

    Grading Procedures: BHS ranks students based on GPA.

    Grade        Points       AP Points          %

    A                   4                   5                90-100

    B                   3                   4                80-89

    C                   2                   3                70-79

    D                   1                   2                60-69

    F                   0                   1                 0-59

    Extracurricular Activities: Students have over 30 clubs and organizations to enjoy including:

    • Athletics: Basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer, cross country, track, wrestling, football, tennis, cheerleading, ski club.

    • Animation, art, computer, ecology/gardening, robotics, mariachi, band, international, thespian society, French, literary, language/math intervention, outdoor, gamers, radio.

    • Student Council, Hahn Youth Council (Native American club), MESA, National Honor Society, AISES (American Indian Science & Engineering)

    Native American Pueblo Nations: The Bernalillo Public School district finds itself uniquely positioned near seven Pueblo communities. These Pueblos are Santa Ana, San Felipe, Kewa (formally known as Santo Domingo), Cochiti, Jemez, Zia, and Sandia. Each of these Pueblos are sovereign nations with the ability to generate laws and govern themselves, their land, water, and natural resources. Among these seven Pueblos, the traditional languages spoken are Keres, Towa and Tiwa. San Felipe, Kewa, Cochiti, Santa Ana and Zia Pueblo share the same Native Language (Keres) but with different dialects.

    These pueblos share similar yet distinct traditions. Each of which have an annual feast day which they celebrate through their traditional corn dances and songs sung by a group of Pueblo men. The songs are sung in their traditional language and carry meaning to Pueblo people and their beliefs. In these pueblos, traditional arts and farming are a way of life. Some of the crafts include jewelry, moccasins, paintings, traditional drums, baskets, pottery and traditional clothing. You will often see these authentic pieces of art at local markets.

    Farming has defined these communities since time immemorial. A lot of families still carry on this tradition by planting and harvesting crops such as chile, beans, corn, squash, watermelon, melons and sugarcane to name a few. Because farming is so important to these Pueblos, one of
    the annual practices is to have the men clean a traditional irrigation ditch as a means to provide clean, uninterrupted water to the crops that have been grown throughout their history.

    The seven Pueblos tally a total population of 10,046 based on the numbers provided by the 2017 census (datausa.io). Average household income is $43,052.85. However, the mean poverty rate is 25.9%. Unemployment ranges from 5% to 17% in these seven Pueblos (areavibes.com).

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    School Profile: Last updated 09/19.












    School Profile:  Bernalillo High School- Bernalillo, New Mexico 2013-2014

                Bernalillo High School is the sole high school located within the small, rural community of the Town of Bernalillo, New Mexico.  As of January 2013, the total school population is currently 799 students in grades 9-12; and receives annually recurring school-wide free/reduced-lunch status.  Bernalillo High School takes pride in its uniquely diverse student population consisting of the following demographics:

    • Native American = 344 (43.05%), representing 12+ different tribes/communities
    • Hispanic = 392 (49.06%)
    • White/Caucasian/Anglo = 58 (7.25%)
    • Black/African American = 2 (0.25%)
    • Asian = 3 (0.37%)

    Bernalillo High School currently offers eleven (11) Honors courses, six (6) Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and eight (8) Pre-AP courses.  Approximately 30% of graduating seniors typically go on to four-year colleges/universities, with approximately 42% going on to two-year institutions.

                The Town of Bernalillo’s population based on the last census count (2010) is estimated at approximately 8,320 residents.  Located between two pueblos, Sandia Pueblo on the south and Santa Ana Pueblo on the north, Bernalillo has little existing opportunity for expansion beyond the current municipal boundary.  These facts put a premium on planning that is conscious of the unique heritage and culture of the town.  All community growth is predicted upon an awareness of and appreciation for the present inhabitants and the rich historical fabric each is responsible to maintain.

                The religious influence of the Spanish settlers alongside the Native American religious practices has produced a unique cultural and emotional recipe for harmonious living in this valley.  Several early pueblo sites and Spanish Colonial sites are found here.  Seven pueblos are in the neighboring area of the town and each pueblo has a different and exciting history.  At different times of the year each pueblo has a feast day that honors the traditions of the Native American and Spanish religious influences.


    About the Town of Bernalillo website, retrieved February 14, 2011 from http://www.townofbernalillo.org/about