• Social Media and College

    Are you ready to attend the college of your dreams?? Let's see.

    Extra Curricular Activates....Check!
    FASFA Forms...Check!
    Teacher Recommendations....Check!

    Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Accounts....Wha?!?!?

    Yes that’s right. In today’s world of social media many colleges and universities are now "quietly" using a new form of criteria to determine whether or not someone should be accepted at their university. The social media criteria. 

    When you are applying to schools be forewarned that Admissions officers may look you up on Instagram, follow you on Twitter, search your posts or photos on Facebook and even scrutinize your email address. And these can be the tipping point on whether an Admissions officer wants to extend a letter of recommendation to you...or not. 

    So what should you do? 

    Email: If your email is "ThaCoolCrazyThug1996@gmail.com"  It is NOT a good first impression with Admissions officers. It raises a red flag and can create a negative perception and image of you that you do not want.

    TIP: Create an email address with a "normal" name.  Any and all correspondence for academic or business reasons should use a normal email that includes either the first initial of your first name and last name or vice versa.  

    Twitter:   Talk about a trap door! Let’s get right to the point. If you can't say it in front of your parents or teachers, don’t "tweet" it. Worse than FB what people are tweeting can get re-tweeted by strangers OR, at worse, end up in the media. People tweeting their thoughts have been fired from their jobs, kicked out of school, etc. Don't let this happen to you.

    TIP: Like we stated above. If you can’t say it in front of your parents or teachers, DONT Tweet it!

    Instagram:  Almost like Twitter but with pictures. If you would not show the picture to your parents or teachers DONT Post It!
    Once again, it goes into space. Anyone can see it. 

    TIP: Keep it clean. Keep it very clean. You may think its just your friends. That’s fine. As long as you know that anytime you put ANYTHING on social media you have made EVERYONE your friend.

    Facebook: Of all the social media platforms Admissions Officers may search, Facebook is public domain # 1! If you have unsavory pics, if you are "liking" groups or pictures that disrespect other groups, promote violence or hatred, or just flat out make you look bad they will see it. If your engaging in conversations where you are using foul or disrespectful language, they will see it. Even if you dont post the pictures but your friends do and they tag you...they will see it.

    TIP "A": Go through your FB account and clean it up. NOW. Take down any and all pics that you think do not show you in a good light. "Unlike" any group or page that also does the same. Watch what you post and what others may post on your wall. 

    TIP "B": Ok. So you don't want to play prevent defense with your Facebook account? Great! Go on offense! If you think the college of your choice will review your page, create it in a way that makes them WANT to ACCEPT you. Post pics of you doing community service work. Write and post about important topics going on in the world. "Like" great nonprofit and social justice groups and pages. Post quotes from great leaders etc. Make your page look exactly like the person you want the Admissions Officers to see and accept.

    Lastly, do not for one minute think anything you put on social media is private or no one can see it but your "friends." When it comes to social media you must take the approach that everyone and anyone can see exactly what you are posting and saying. So during this college application season take that approach. Be smart. Be vigilant. Be safe . . .  Get Accepted!