• Special Education Program

    Welcome to the Cochiti Special Education Program


    Cochiti practices the inclusion model for Special Education students.

    Our staff of Special Education Teachers, Therapists, and Instructional Assistants work as a team with the Classroom Teacher to fully support all our students in their General Education classroom.

    Special Education Teachers:

    Grades 6th - 8th   Mr Shawn Sierra

    Grades 3rd - 5th   Ms Sharon Moran 

    Grades K - 2nd Ms Mary McDonald

    Special Education Secretary

    Patricia Suina


    Instructional Assistants:

    Alana Mares

    Jeneanne Gallegos

    Danika Thergood

    Ramona Vigil-Calabaza

    Brenda Vigil-Rosetta


     Speech Therapy ---Ms Mim Buysse

     Occupational Therapy ---Ms Monique Betz

     Physical Therapy---Ms Christina Calvin

     Recreational Therapy---Ms Michelle Meyers

     Orientation and Mobility Therapy---Ms Jeanette Fitzpatrick 

     Behavior Therapy---Diana Valdez