• Health and Wellness



    Cochiti School teachers, administrators and staff are concerned about the health and well-being of our students, their parents and loved ones and the communities they live in. A healthy student can learn more and be more productive. It is our goal to be constantly improving the health and well-being of our students which means they will be better learners, more productive citizens and happier children.

    The school provides many programs that can have a positive impact on the health of every student. All of these programs are discussed in the Cochiti School Wellness Plan which is provided as an attachment below. We also have a Wellness Committee that meets regularly to discuss and improve the health of the overall school environment.

    The Wellness Committee is made up of our health and physical education teacher, school counselor, the school Principal, our school nurse, parents, community members, students and the food service manager. It meets on a regular basis.

    Cochiti School Wellness Plan

    Our school is one of the few schools in our state that has developed it's own Wellness Plan. This plan takes a comprehensive look at the programs within the school that are improving the health and well-being of every student. It also indentifies the areas of need and sets priorities for the 2010-2011 school year and beyond. A copy of the plan is attached below.