• AES Fifteen & Fit

    Thanks to the Non-Profit Organization Run Fit, Algodones Elementary is able to utilize the discipline of running to improve health and build character as a bold initiative aimed at curbing the growing epidemic of childhood obesity'.

    Algodones Elementary students run every morning, weather permitting, before eating breakfast and starting the school day. The benefit of physical fitness at the start of their day is substantial.

    Physical activity promotes positive mental health, builds strong bones and muscles, and reduces the likelihood of developing obesity and risk factors that can lead to chronic diseases. Physical activity also affects a child’s academic achievement. It helps to improve concentration, memory, and classroom behavior. Children who meet the guidelines for physical activity have higher test scores in both math and reading, compared to those who spend less time doing physical activities.

    While all of our students from Kindergarten thru 4th Grade participate in the daily run, parents and staff are encouraged to participate also.


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