• Department Information

    The BMS Counseling Department provides counseling and guidance services that align with the American School Counseling Association's National Model. This model includes services in these three areas:


    2. Academic

    3. Career Guidance.

    An example of how we can help your student in the Personal/Social area might include conducting mediations to help students resolve conflicts in an appropriate way.

    We  teach students how to make healthy decisions, while supporting them in their emotional growth. This is a delicate time in your child's life and we want to show them how to handle a variety of emotions that may come up for them.

    An example of how we help in the Academic area includes monitoring student's grades and intervening with teachers to develop strategies for improving academic performance. During the school year we will also work with teachers on completing the First Step Booklets for 6th and 7th graders, this is an introduction to the world of work. 8th graders will fill out the Next Step Booklets and prepare themselves for High School Registration. We have a commitment to our students to support career awarenessness, while preparing them for high school and post-secondary planning.

    In our effort to help your student be successful we work closely with BMS staff and district ancillary staff.