• Mission Statements

    B.M.S. Mission Statement

    The mission statement of Bernalillo Middle School is to provide opportunities for students to succeed academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.  B.M.S. will challenge students by providing learning environments, which meet the unique needs of each student.  Example of these environments include advanced and enriched courses, specifically designed classes for students with special needs, state of the art technology and science labs, a well equipped and staffed library, as well as multiple after school academics and athletic opportunities.

    B.M.S. Vision Statement

    We at B.M.S. believe that all students will reach their highest potential through the integration of curriculum and high academic expectations.  This belief is founded upon the fact that B.M.S. has created a safe environment conducive to learning where students not only reach their full potential, but also will develop a positive self-concept and become life-long learners.  B.M.S. has established an atmosphere where teachers can teach and students can learn.
    B.M.S. Focus Areas

    Focus Area 1:  Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate increased competency in the general and advanced skills of writing and reading.
    Focus Area 2:  Students will be given the opportunity to apply basic and advanced concepts of math and use a variety of strategies for problem solving.
    Focus Area 3:  B.M.S. will strive to increase our parental and business/community partnerships.