• BMS Gardens

    BMS Gardens

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    Students and sponsors of the Ecology Club at BMS are really getting their hands dirty.  They have been busy working on planting various vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit trees in the new BMS gardens.  They have also installed a drip irrigation that runs on a simple timer attached to a hose.

    They have great plans for Phase II of the project, including an outdoor classroom with tables and a patio covering.  Here students will plant drought-tolerant plants and some dwarf fruit trees.

    Would you like to help?  Below is a "Wish List" the Ecology Club has put together to continue this important and worthwhile project.

    Wish List:
    -rocks/bricks for building small retainer walls
    -irrigation specialist to donate their time
    -general construction help
    -cement for concrete slab
    -benches, tables or any outdoor furniture
    -organic soil
    -compost/mulch for walking areas
    -dwarf trees (fruit)
    -plants (native and/or drought-tolerant)
    -hummingbird feeders
    -mosaic steps
    -tomato trellises

    SchoolCenter PictureSchoolCenter Picture
    SchoolCenter PictureSchoolCenter Picture