• Counselor's Corner


    School Counseling Services and Programs

    • classroom guidance lessons
    • academic planning
    • career awareness, exploration and planning
    • personal and social issues
    • brief individual counseling
    • group counseling
    • mediations
    • crisis intervention
    • professional development
    • student support
    • assisting parents with information and resources
    • advocate for students
    • and much more...

    Program Overview

    Our school counselors help students choose their courses. They help monitor academic progress and offer support when needed.  Counselors are also available to answer qustions and to help students figure out how to deal with difficult situations.  Find out who your child's counselor is and make sure that your child knows how to go about seeing him/her if needed.

    If you ever have a concern or need information, contact your child's school counselor. Counselors are not only excellent resources for students; they are also great resources for our parents.

    Parents Make A Difference In Student Success

    **Get Your Powerschool

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    From Your School Counselor**

    • Check Powerschool weekly for grades at home
    • require your child to use thier agenda every day for every class
    • establish a good daily routine for getting homework done and help your child stick with it
    • be consistent with monitoring homework completion and organization
    • check your online parent access with your child once a week to look for missing assignments and grade checks
    • have your child contact their teacher when they are having trouble in a class or have a question
    • work towards independence with your child, help them a little more at first and then reduce your involvement as they become more organized and responsible
    • encourage your student file all loose papers every day
    • clean out backpacks at least once a week and make sure your student has supplies necessary for class
    • if organization continues to be an issue, schedule a meeting with your school counselor




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