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    May is

    "National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month"

    in the BHS Nursing Office

    One of the biggest influences as to whether or not a teenager becomes sexually active and as a consequence becomes another teen pregnancy statistic has to do with parental relationships. Most teenagers actually rate their parents high on the list of people they trust to give them accurate information about birth control and sex. You can help your teenager understand the risks of teen pregnancy by speaking with him or her about how you feel. Here are ten things The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy recommends that you can do to help prevent teen pregnancy:

    *Talk to your teen about your own sexual values and attitudes.

    *Talk about sex early and often.

    *Establish rules and behavioral standards.

    *Know your teen’s friends and their parents.

    *Discourage early steady dating.

    *Discourage your teenage dating others with significant differences in age.

    *Show your teenager that there is more to life.

    *Be vocal about your value for education.

    *Know what your kids are doing.

    *Develop a close relationship.