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BPS District Adopts a Truly Tobacco-Free School Policy

BPS Breakfast and Lunch Programs

    • USDA has allowed Bernalillo Public Schools to feed all kids in the community from ages 1 – 18 free of charge. Kids do not have to be present and do not have to show ID or proof of residency. A hot lunch and breakfast for the next day will handed until Friday September 18th  at the following sites from 11:00 – 12:15:


    • Cochiti Pueblo, Pena Blanca, Cochiti Elementary/Middle School, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Sele, Santo Domingo Elementary/Middle School, Algodones Elementary, san Felipe Community Library, Placitas Elementary, Carroll Elementary, Bernalillo Middle School, Athena Park and Rotary Park.


    • On Monday September 21st times will change and pick up sites due to the hybrid model that will be put in place by the district. Meals will also be available to all kids working with the virtual model and children that are not in school due to their age. An announcement will be given prior to the 21st as well as flyers will be handed out next week with sites and times.


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BPS Breakfast and Lunch Through Labor Day

  • August 12th, 2020 BPS will set up our serving sites at the following schools. Bernalillo Middle School, Carroll Elementary, Placitas Elementary, Algodones Elementary, Santo Domingo Elementary and Middle School and Cochiti Elementary and Middle School. We will also set up at Rotary Park and Athena Park. A hot lunch and breakfast for the following day will be provided as well as a snack. ONLY BPS students can be given a meal. During the Seamless Summer Option every child could receive a meal however the school year has started so ONLY BPS students can receive meals.

    All sites will open from 11:00 – 12:00. Rosters will be available at all sites so that parents can get a card for each child for the month. These cards must come to the site daily to pick up a meal. Children do not have to be present but for accountability we will require a card for each meal given. Parents do not have to go their child’s school, rosters of each school will be at all sites.

High School Summer Activities to Resume June 22nd (Tenatively)

  • BPS has developed guidelines for the safe return to high school summer activities in accordance with the state's public health order.

    • All coaches and school administration need to closely review the New Mexico Activities Association Guidance for Return to Play  (Click Here to View NMAA Guidlines)

    Permitted Activities :

     Summer activities are for high school only. There will be no summer activity permitted at the middle school level. Summer activity may resume on Monday, June 22nd, and is limited to individual or small group workouts of a conditioning nature only.

    Coaches and Sponsors

    • Coaches and sponsors directing or participating in summer activity must take a COVID‐19 test and test negative 7 days prior to the beginning of activities. 
    • Only sponsors and coaches (head, paid assistant, volunteer) who are currently BPS employees may participate in or direct summer activities.
    • Coaches and sponsors must wear a mask at all times. They are responsible for providing their own face coverings.
    • Daily screenings of coaches/sponsors are required. The district will provide each school with thermometers for screening purposes.
    • All restrictions and limitations on participation, activity, and facility use shall be strictly adhered to and closely monitored by coaches/sponsors, school administration, school athletic director/athletic trainer, and activities director, as appropriate.


    • Student participation in athletic activities is limited to those who have been cleared for participation by the school athletic trainer with a current physical dated after April 1, 2019 or the completion of the NMAA 2020‐2021 Preparticipation Examination Waiver Form.
    • Daily screenings of student‐athletes are required. The district will provide each school with thermometers for screening purposes. Students are required to let coaches/sponsors know of any symptoms or possible exposure to COVID‐19 during daily screenings.
    • Students are responsible for providing their own face coverings, water, and personal equipment needed for participating in summer activities.

    Daily Cleaning

    • Daily sanitization before and after activity is required and must be documented. The district will provide each school with sanitizing/disinfecting supplies for daily use.
    • Schools are responsible for developing a daily cleaning schedule for facilities that are used (entry areas, gymnasium, restrooms, etc.) and providing oversight and supervision of coaches/sponsors directing summer activity.

    COVID-19 Symptoms, Exposure

    • If an administrator learns that a student/coach/sponsor has tested positive for COVID‐19, they should:
      • Send the individual home or instruct them not to come to workouts
      • Request permission to disclose the positive test to others. If the student/coach/sponsor doesn't grant permission to disclose, avoid identifying the individual. We must balance the individual's right to privacy with the health risks of others.
      • Students/coaches/sponsors who spent more than a few minutes within 6 feet of the affected individual should be notified of the positive test and should contact the New Mexico Department of Health External link for guidance on testing, self‐quarantining, and contact tracing.
      • Contact Maintenance and Operations for assistance in immediately closing off and cleaning areas of potential exposure.
      • M&O should let supervisors know when the area has been cleaned and is safe for students and coaches/sponsors to return.
      • Contact HR about leave options available to employees who were exposed or possibly exposed to COVID‐19.

    If a student/coach/sponsor becomes ill while at a workout, they should immediately notify the appropriate coach, sponsor or supervisor, leave for home, and consult a medical professional as needed.

District Advisory Council Readiness Assessment


    BPS will be looking closely at programs and practices to improve education and equity. Please help us by signing up for a team to begin looking closely at the readiness assessment. Thank you.   

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    Please provide your opinion/feedback on the following survey. The survey will provide information to the District Advisory Council to improve services and instruction to our academic outcomes for all students.

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